Biofuel Test Specifications

EN 14214 for Bio-Auto Fuels
EN 14213 for Bio-Heating Fuels
ASTM D6751-01 for Biodiesel (B100)

What is Biofuel?

Fuel made from renewable natural processes including biodiesel such as FAME, FAEE, biogas, bioethanol and biobutanol.

Biofuel Blends

Biodiesel blends are designated BXX, where XX is the volume percent of biodiesel extender that has been blended with conventional diesel base fuel. For example, B20 which is a common blend for fleets and buses contains 20% biodiesel extender and 80% base diesel fuel. Pure biodiesel extender l is also referred to as B100.

Advantages of Biofuel

European and UK policies on the role of biofuels for transportation fuels are either now in place or are being mandated for the future. However, compositional quality and the performance requirements of the biofuel materials, mainly ethanol and fatty acid methyl or ethyl esters, produced from varying feedstocks, together with the development of measurement and analytical test methods of the biofuel materials and their incorporation as transportation fuel extenders are not so well known.


To create a greater awareness of how the testing and analytical community of the petroleum industry and the biofuels producers/suppliers are tackling the increasingly demanding requirements of the current and future specifications for biofuel materials either as fuels or as varying amounts as fuel extenders. To meet this challenge a number of new technologies have emerged resulting in either the development of fully standardized methods or in ongoing development programmes to facilitate the testing/analysis of low levels of fuel components, fuel characteristics and contaminants. The symposium will allow plenty of time to debate the individual presentations and to network with other attendees.


Theme papers will be presented by global experts on the supply and quality of sustainable biofuels and on the current and developing road, aviation and marine transport specifications, highlighting measurement and test method issues. The challenges for the production and distribution of blended road fuels, the impact of biofuels in the world of aviation fuel supply and the challenges of measuring them at low/contamination levels will also be discussed.

A number of specialised measurement/analytical papers will be presented employing both traditional and emerging technologies for laboratory measurements in the fields of elemental, chromatographic (including 2Dimensional) and spectroscopic analyses. Important physical measurements on Oxidation Stability and Cold Flow properties will be presented.

In addition, there will be ‘visionary paper’ giving a view on how future Biofuel measurements might be made for laboratory and online or at-line analysis using technologies of tomorrow and beyond.


An exhibition on the latest test equipment relevant to the subject matter of the proceedings will be provided by several leading equipment suppliers. The agenda will allow time for delegates to visit the exhibitors.

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