Permafrost Protection



Protect Your Foundation from Structural Damage

When the bottom floor of a building requires temperatures to be below freezing, (e.g., refrigerated warehouses, freezer storage facilities, ice-skating rinks), the soil underneath that building is vulnerable to freezing as well. When soil freezes, it can wreak havoc on the foundation of a building, causing stress, heaving and possible permanent structural damage.

Uponor’s Permafrost Prevention System keeps the soil underneath these buildings above freezing without affecting the colder temperatures above. The system circulates a cool water-and-glycol solution through Uponor’s Wirsbo hePEX™ plus tubing embedded in the soil or fill under a building’s foundation. This keeps the soil stable and the building’s foundation strong without compromising the necessary freezing temperatures above.

Safety and Cost Savings

When Uponor’s Permafrost Prevention System is installed underneath a freezer building, the foundation is protected from freeze damage and the building’s occupants, in turn, are protected by a strong, sound structure. Additionally, permafrost prevention can eliminate costly foundation repairs. Protecting a building with a permafrost prevention system ensures the structure will never encounter cracks, stress fractures or any type of structural compromise from freezing.



Key Benefits

 Typical Permafrost Prevention Applications

Commercial Applications:  Freezer storage facilities, Coolers, Chill coolers, and Refrigerated warehouses

Recreational Facilities:  Ice-skating rinks

Typical Permafrost Prevention Installations