Translations started operating in Estonia, many knowledgeable people have decided to replace a traditional translation bureau Translations who provides the same service online for better prices. We will show you the reasons for that if you look at our "Why us" page.

Our vision is to offer you excellent quality for reasonable prices online. We also wish to simplify the cumbersome process of ordering by having an easy system on the Internet. This is also a good way to pass your instructions on to the translators.

  Our Services
Examples of the types of translations that we have extensive experience in:
  • Articles
  • Instruction manuals
  • Contracts
  • Business/commercial texts
  • Websites

We always provide:

  • High quality translation service
  • Reasonable prices
  • Simple online ordering
  • Pleasant customer service
  • Quick work with short deadlines
  • Immaculate proofreading

Foreign languages: English, Russian, German, French, Finnish, Swedish, Latvian, Polish

Thanks to an efficient Internet-based operating model our prices are very competitive. We also have several discounts to offer to returning customers.

Price 1

The price list does not list all the languages we work with. We encourage you to ask about our services for languages that are not included in the list!

Estonian - English 12.8 EUR
Estonian - Finnish 12.8 EUR
Estonian - Russian 12.8 EUR
Estonian  - German 12.8 EUR
Estonian - Swedish 12.8 EUR
English - Estonian 12.8 EUR
Finnish - Estonian 12.8 EUR
Russian  - Estonian 12.8 EUR
German  - Estonian 12.8 EUR
Swedish - Estonian 12.8 EUR
English - Finnish 18.5 EUR
Finnish - English 18.5 EUR
English - Russian 18.5 EUR
Russian - English 18.5 EUR

The indicated price is per 1 standard page of translation
(1800 characters, with spaces).

The minimum price of the translation is the price of one standard page.

0-20 eur page

We hope to receive your price request primarily through this following easy form but it is also possible to email your request to us (address in footer). For example in case you have several files to send then it is best to do it by email. We do our best to reply to every request as soon as possible

We are totally committed to offering you the best translation services and to do it efficiently in order to offer the best prices. Below we describe what exactly usually happens to your translation work between completing your order until our successful completion of it.
    Accepting your order
  The EM Translations sales representative gives you the final price and deadline of the work and sends you an order confirmation together with an invoice by email to the customer. This email also contains the exact order completion date. Naturally, we consider all your files confidential right after you have sent them. Our translators have signed confidentiality agreements.
    Translation process
  Simultaneously with the sales representative's work, we will find the perfect experienced professional for your exact subject of translation among tens of translators. The specialist then begins the work.
    Careful proofreading
  Completed translation work is proofread in order to be certain of its quality. Only then the sales representative returns completed work to the customer .
    Returning the work
  Having done everything to provide a service of maximum quality, we are proud to announce that the customer is almost always happy with it. But if it is not like that, Translations will do everything possible to satisfy the customer.