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Unbroken Credid Card Interest Rate 0-5 % per year!

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UNBROKEN Colden CARD as Credit Card



Minimum purchase transaction amount



Company Unbroken privilege programme

PRODUCT discounts - 6%

shopping and credit

negative balance,which I refused to pay

is 2 000 EUR and more ....

In reality though, we all experience times when we need a little financial breathing space and flexibility.

That's where Unbroken Visa Credit Card comes in, offering you an interest-free current account overdraft up to 2000 eur and overdraft facilities above this amount at competitive rates.

You will be required to use a PIN with this credit card in order to pay for goods

and services over the counter in shops and other outlets


It’s a Cashless payment card
Forget having to find cash for smaller purchases. OneTouch payments

allows you to make purchases

and under in an instant wherever you see the ‘wave symbol


  • Identity Protection Service - advice about protecting yourself from identity theft
  • Safer shopping with Fraud Protection including Chip and PIN and monitoring your account for unusual spending
  • Purchase Delivery Protection against loss or damage to
  • online, phone or mail orders from despatch to door
  • (second-hand goods and services excluded)
  • Emergency help when travelling abroad
  • Great holiday ,building materials ,shopping and transport deals.
  • Emergency cash advance and credit card replacement service

    Important Information

    Unbroken Visa reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

    Terms and Conditions apply. Unbroken Visa is subject

    to application and status.

    This offer is only available to new customers.

    You will be required to use a PIN with this credit card in order to pay for goods

    and services over the counter in shops and other outlets

    Building renovation loan can be used to finance various construction and renovation works, and the expert analysis and design costs associated with such works. Energy efficient apartment buildings save energy as well as money for the people living in the buildings when it gets cold outside


    Building loan offered in cooperation with unbroken


    For Building renovation loan:

    • minutes of the meeting of the association/apartment owners regarding taking the loan pursuant to Unbroken Group
    • certificate from the construction register or a statement from the land register regarding the apartments’ owners;
    • short description, budget and schedule of the renovation work;
    • articles of association of the apartment association;
    • registry card statement of non-profit associations and foundations register;
    • if the apartment association is not a client of Unbroken Group, then account statement .

    How to apply

    Submit an application online or contact a if you would like to apply for a loan.

    Enclose the energy audit, energy expenditure report, reconstruction budget, designs, planning permission and financial information with the application.





    Terms and conditions of building renovation loan

    If the renovation work of the building does not provide energy consumption complying with the terms and conditions of Unbroken renovation loan or you wish to do additional non-eligible work, you can apply for a loan on the following conditions.

    Loan amount: Minimum amount 18000 euros, maximum amount depending on the apartment building’s solvency.
    Self-financing: 10%. Self-financing may be renovation work performed within two preceding years from own funds.
    Payouts: The loan is paid out on the basis of invoices and work delivery certificates.
    Repayment: Monthly repayment on the basis of a payment schedule for up to 15 -20years.
    Grace period: A grace period of 12 -64 months is possible during the renovation works.
    Interest: 6-month EURIBOR plus the risk margin.
    Service charges: Agreement fee of at least 2700.- euros, up to 1% of the loan amount.
    Collateral: Mortgages or sureties of apartment owners are not required to secure the loan. The loan is secured with the apartment association’s claims against its members regarding payment of management fees.
    The bank enters into a guarantee agreement with the Unbroken
    Foundation to secure riskier apartment building loans. Guarantee fees are added to the loan fees in such a case.


    A new home with confidence

    • Competent advice from private client executive
    • Complete insurance offer
    • Favourable interest and long tenor

    We offer you and your family a home loan for the purchase, construction or renovation of a home or summer house.

    Home loan contract enables you to conclude loan protection coverage. This protects you in the event of unemployment, incapacity for work and severe health impairment and in case of death due to illness or accident.


    Loan amount Starting from EUR 27,000.

    Sum of loan may amount to 85% of the market value of housing, established as security. When using the guarantee of Unbroken Group , the sum of loan may amount to 90% of collateral value.

    Total loan and lease payments may amount to 30-50% of your net income. The percentage depends on your income and number of dependants.

    Currency The currency of home loan is euro.
    Interest rate Interest rate of a home loan is related to 1,3,6 or 12 month Euribor.
    Euribor is an European Interbank Offered Rate.

    Upon request, you may fix the home loan interest also for a longer term. A home loan with fixed interest rate provides assurance that the loan payments do not change over the period. You can obtain further information about fixing the interest from your private client executive.

    Loan term You can take a home loan for the maximum term of 40 years provided, that the entire loan is repaid by the age of 70.
    Collateral Suitable principal collateral to a home loan is the housing (apartment or private residence) to be purchased or renovated. To obtain a valuation of collateral, use the services of our accepted real estate offices.


    As a rule, the amount of self-financed part is at least 15%.
    If the absence of self-financing, we also accept additional collateral – either an apartment or a private residence, which does not have to belong to the borrower himself.


    Loan repayment You can repay a home loan starting from the month following the loan disbursement according to a repayment schedule either as annuity or as equal principal payments.

    For annuity schedule, the loan payment is the same in every month. When starting the loan repayment, major part of the payment is interest. With each subsequent payment, the repayment of principal part will increase. With annuity schedule, the loan burden is distributed more evenly and in general, the modest monthly payments enable a larger loan amount.

    For equal principal payments, we distribute the principal part of loan evenly on all payments, to which interest, calculated on loan balance, is added (the bigger the loan balance, the higher the interest). This means that the amount of monthly loan payment is larger at the beginning and decreasing towards the end of final loan term.

    If you can allow yourself larger payments at the beginning of the loan term, it would be more practical to choose the schedule with equal principal payments, as in this way you will pay less interest in the end.

    Grace period Upon repayment of the principal part of loan, you can apply for a grace period for up to 12 months. You only pay interest during the grace period.

    The smaller the loan balance and lower the interest rate, the better effect will be gained from the grace period to reduction of payment burden. 

    Annual percentage rate as a typical example The annual percentage rate of a home loan is 4.25% per year under the following sample conditions: loan amount €40,000, repayment deadline 20 years, agreement fee €400, interest rate 4%.

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